♡ 2019 New Year's Resolutions

♡ HAPPY NEW YEAR friends! ♡

We are so excited for 2019, and all of the things we have in store for you this upcoming year! First, we want to take a minute and thank each and every one of you for coming back to the blog week after week! We are so proud of how much we have grown since our launch in May 2018 (from 0 views to over 3,000 views and counting!), and none of that would have been possible without your support! ♡

A New Year is a great time to check-in with the goals you have for yourself. NEW YEAR = NEW ME, amirite people of the internet? :) I used to set broad, sweeping resolutions for myself in the past….only to fall off the bandwagon by the time February rolled around. But not this year. I’ve decided to share our goals here, for two main reasons: (1) you can help us stay accountable, and hopefully (2) you’ll find some ideas for yourself to stay motivated to reach your own 2019 goals!

Blog-Related Resolutions:

  • Post 2X/week consistently. We aimed to post 3X during 2018, but it quickly became a hefty load to lift with our full-time jobs. We are scaling back to 2X to bring you more focused, and higher quality content on time, each week!

  • Increase our readership 5% each quarter in 2019. We aim to do this via a lot of different ways, and hope you will not only keep coming back, but also tell your friends about us! We are currently taking photography lessons, and researching some more amazing hikes in the state (and elsewhere!) to share with you :) We are also hoping to expand out our “Wander” section as we get more travel plans scheduled, as well as our “Eat” section to help us stay in line with our personal goals.

  • Expand our lens collection. We’d like to purchase at least two more lenses for our “beginner” Nikon D3300 camera - one perfect for portraits (low F-stops) and one perfect for wildlife (making far away animals seem closer). If you have any suggestions for us, drop us a note in the comments!

Personal Resolutions:

  • Exercise More Consistently. I know that I am not a gym or treadmill person, and I absolutely need a structured class. Knowing this is huge in keeping a “exercise more” goal - if you are not a gym person, don’t force yourself to go to the gym and instead find what works for you! There are plenty of other options that I’ve tried and liked, but my personal favorite is described below. I’ve also linked my current favorite workout gear combo, because looking cute = more motivation!

    • ClassPass: you pay for a certain number of credits each month to use at any participating studio (which in my experience has been all of the studios I’d want to go to, including CorePower Yoga (Parker), Pure Barre, and CycleBar!!) I have the base package, which costs $35/month and gives me enough for 4-5 classes for the month; you, guys: compare this with paying $110/mo for 5-classes at some studios! I love ClassPass because now I save money and can go to all of the classes I love ♡ While you are charged a fee if you last-minute cancel a class, and only 7 credits roll over each month, I think these are motivators to (1) sign up for class and (2) actually go to the class you signed up for! Classpass has many different package options so you can pick what is right for you! For a special offer, click through my link here and you’ll get your first month FREE with 33 credits (enough for 5-8 classes). Note, that I’ll also receive $30 towards my membership :) Let’s help each other out this year, friends!!

  • Eat Cleaner. Brandon and I mostly eat a vegetarian diet, but we also tend to eat a lot of processed foods (think breads, sugars, etc). For 2019, we want to become better at eating clean, non-processed food as much as possible. To the extent we find great recipes, we’ll share them on the blog here so you can also get inspired to try something new!

  • Drink More Water. Brandon bought the cutest Drop Bottle for me (in Rose Gold), and I for one need to get better at actually using it! It doesn’t hold as much water as my traditional water bottle, but it looks sleeker and I can fit more flavorings than other water bottles currently on the market. (Stay tuned for infused-water ideas as well!) At $40, it’s more of a splurge item, so I’ve linked some very chic alternatives that I love!

Those are all of the goals we are working on for this year! What are your resolutions for 2019 and how do you aim to go about achieving them?

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